Executive Reward & Retention Programs

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Executive Reward & Retention Programs

If you own a business, there are key people, including yourself, who have been and continue to be instrumental to the growth of your company. However, ordinary benefit plans and retirement plans tend to favor those employees who are more rank-and-file in nature, and not the key individuals you rely on. For this reason, it is important to understand how an executive benefit plan can help you in rewarding and retaining key people, including yourself, on a selective basis. Once more, these plans have less red tape than ordinary benefit plans, allow more options, and can be completely customized.

Typical benefit plans do not provide highly-paid executives with enough retirement income to sustain their current lifestyle. Furthermore, it's a fact that lower-salaried individuals are capable of saving a higher percentage of their pre-retirement income than their highly-paid-counterparts are. We solve this problem by designing customized executive benefit strategies that fix discrimination in qualified plans and allow business owners to pick and choose who they reward.

Reasons to Consider an Executive Benefit Plan:

  1. Fix reverse discrimination

  2. Build value in your business by keeping your key people happy

  3. Minimize your taxes*

  4. Aid in exiting the business

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